Effective and high-performance design

Digital design is about much more than simply making something that looks nice. It’s about creating a product that your customers want to interact with.

Inphinet works with clients to create easy to follow journeys through a web site, directing a user towards an agreed conclusion: whether that be making a sales call or ordering a product.

We use our expertise to design web sites, software, email marketing and online advertising that helps raise awareness of your brand, products and services – and ultimately leads to increased sales.

  • Planning and wireframing
  • Graphic design
  • Desktop, mobile and TV interfaces
  • Full user testing facilities

Our creative team works in association with our usability experts, ensuring that whether we’re designing a web site, an email newsletter or an iPhone app, the final product delivers the right balance of creativity and performance.

With more than a dozen years experience in designing award-winning web sites, for numerous commercial, charitable and governmental organisations, Inphinet has the experience to deliver an excellent return on investment for all its clients.

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